Identifying warning signs of unhappy employees

🚩 Identifying the Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees: A Crucial Leadership Skill 🚩 In today’s dynamic work environment, the well-being of our teams is paramount. As leaders, it’s vital to stay attuned to the subtle and not-so-subtle signs of dissatisfaction among our employees. Recognizing these signs early can be the difference between retaining top talent […]

How to catch the eye of potential employers on LinkedIn

Today, I want to share some invaluable tips on how to catch the eye of potential employers on this platform. Whether you’re actively job hunting or passively exploring opportunities, these strategies will help you stand out. 1️⃣ Optimize Your Profile: First impressions count! Ensure your profile picture is professional, your headline is clear and compelling, […]

Succession Planning on your agenda?

🌟 Succession Planning: A Strategic Imperative for SMBs 🌟 As the backbone of our economy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) embody the entrepreneurial spirit and drive innovation. Yet, amidst the daily hustle, a crucial strategy often remains sidelined: Succession Planning. Why is it pivotal for SMEs to prioritize this process? 🔹 Continuity Ensures Stability: Succession […]

Any value hiring Baby Boomers?

🌟 Embracing Experience: The Value of Hiring Baby Boomers 🌟 Discussing candidate profiles prior to search assignments with clients I often hear: “We want a person age between 30 and 50.” and presenting candidates, clients tend to say: “Too old – we don’t think this person has enough energy”. This comment appears frequently when a […]

Planning an international Recruiting

🌍 International Recruitment: Leveraging the Power of Global Networks 🌍 In today’s hyper-connected world, talent knows no boundaries. Companies that aim to secure the best skills need to look beyond their local horizons and tap into the global talent pool. But, how do you ensure a seamless international recruitment process? 🌐 Enter NPAworldwide. 🌐 With […]

Selling to Gen X and Gen Y Leaders

Unlocking Success: Selling to Gen X and Gen Y Leaders 🚀 In today’s dynamic business landscape, connecting with Gen X and Gen Y leaders has become a priority for sales professionals. These leaders bring a fresh perspective, innovative thinking, and a strong digital presence to the table. So, how can you effectively sell to them? […]

Interviewing Gen Y candidates

Interviewing can be both an art and a science, especially when it comes to connecting with the Generation Y demographic (those born between 1981 and 1996). Here are some tips to ensure a successful and engaging interview experience: 1️⃣ Digital Proficiency is Key: Gen-Y grew up alongside the digital revolution. Make sure your interview processes […]

Unlocking the Potential of Gen Y in the Workplace

🚀 Unlocking the Potential of Gen Y in the Workplace! Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are a unique blend of tech-savvy individuals with a keen desire for purpose and work-life harmony. As leaders, it’s essential to understand what drives them to create a motivated workplace. Here are a few tips: 🌍 Purpose Over Paycheck: […]

Generational behaviors in sales jobs

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, understanding generational behaviors is crucial for sales success. Here’s a quick glimpse of how three generations typically approach sales: 🔹 Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964): Boomers grew up in the post-war era, a time of economic expansion and opportunity. As salespeople, they: ✅ Value face-to-face interactions and building personal relationships. ✅ […]

Motivation tips for engaging Gen-X in the workplace

Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980, comprises a significant part of the workforce. This generation has specific values and preferences that can influence their motivation in the workplace. To maintain a high level of engagement among Generation X employees, it is important to understand their needs and tailor motivation strategies accordingly. In this article, […]

How Gen-X Leaders adapt to an evolving workplace

In today’s fast-paced world, change is the only constant, and embracing it is crucial for success in any industry. As we navigate through the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, there’s a group of leaders who stand out for their ability to adapt and thrive – the Gen X leaders. Born between the early 1960s […]

How Gen-Y are shaping the future of management

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of business and leadership, it is evident that the next generation of professionals, Gen Y (also known as Millennials), is significantly shaping the future of management. With their unique perspectives, digital acumen, and commitment to meaningful work, Gen Y professionals are ushering in a new era of leadership that […]

Planning a Job interview with Gen-X candidates

Planning the best job interview for Gen-X candidates requires understanding the characteristics and preferences of this generation, which generally includes individuals born between the mid-1960s and early 1980s. Gen-X candidates may have different expectations and values compared to younger generations, so tailoring the interview process to their needs can be beneficial. Here are some tips […]

Keeping Baby Boomers motivated in the workplace

In a diverse workplace, it’s crucial to understand that motivation isn’t one-size-fits-all. Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, bring unparalleled experience, loyalty, and dedication. But how do we keep this vibrant generation energized and engaged? Here are some tips: Recognition & Respect: Celebrate their milestones, experience, and insights. A simple acknowledgment of their dedication […]

How different generations adapt to remote work

Over the last few years, remote work has dramatically risen in prominence, pushing businesses and employees alike to redefine what a ‘traditional workspace’ looks like. With technology advancing and the modern workforce diversifying, the transition to remote work has been experienced differently across generations. Let’s delve into how Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y […]

Navigating Career Transitions

Some tips for Gen Y Professionals Switching Industries or Roles 🔄 Career transitions have become an integral part of the modern professional journey, especially for the dynamic and ambitious Gen Y. Whether it’s driven by passion, new opportunities, or the evolving business landscape, switching industries or roles is a commendable leap. Here are a few […]

5 Essential Digital Personal Branding Tips

In today’s digital landscape, your personal brand is more than just a resume – it’s your digital fingerprint, your unique story, and your professional legacy. Here are five tips to help you build a standout digital personal brand: Consistency is Key 🔄: From your LinkedIn headline to your Twitter bio, consistency in messaging and imagery […]

Loosing candidates during the recruiting process?

Recruiting top talent is a challenge, but losing them along the way? We all do, unfortunately. How can we make sure our recruitment processes are irresistible? Here are a few tips: 1️⃣ Clear Communication: Keep the lines open and transparent! 📞📧 Ensure candidates receive timely updates, interview schedules, and feedback. Communication breakdowns can be a […]

Where will the next 1000 babies be born?

Most industry leaders experience this weekly – the ongoing talent drought and its profound impact on recruitment. 🌐💼 In today’s competitive job market, finding top-notch talent has become a real challenge for organizations everywhere. 🏢🔎 The talent pool seems to be drying up, making it harder than ever to discover skilled professionals who can drive […]

The Gen-X impact on redefining Work-Life Balance

Gen X (born between 1965 and 1980) are now a vital part of the global workforce. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how the remarkable Generation X has played a pivotal role in reshaping the traditional concept of work-life balance. Remember the days when the lines between work and personal life were more distinct? […]

International recruiting

The recruitment of top talent from around the world presents unique challenges to businesses, such as language barriers, visa requirements, and cultural differences. A global network of search companies can provide valuable support and expertise in navigating these complexities. With access to local knowledge and a broad pool of talent, businesses can successfully recruit international candidates. Following best practices such as understanding the local market, providing language support, and being aware of visa requirements can help ensure a smooth recruitment process. By leveraging a global network of search companies and following best practices for international hiring, businesses can build a diverse and talented workforce that can drive success in today’s global marketplace.

Using a Headhunter in Norway

This article discusses how headhunters, also known as executive search firms, can help companies in Norway attract and retain top talent in a highly competitive job market. With their extensive networks and expertise, headhunters can identify and reach out to potential candidates who may not be actively seeking new job opportunities. By working with a headhunter, companies can access a wider pool of candidates, save time and resources, and receive insights into industry trends and salary benchmarks. Ultimately, working with a headhunter can be a smart choice for companies that want to stay competitive in Norway’s job market.

Increased recruitment in Norway

In the period January – April 2021, an average of 22,000 positions were advertised on the leading Job Board in Norway – an increase of 24.2% compared to 2020.

How to find candidates 2020

Recruiting new team members in 2020? Worth reading the stats from NPAworldwide including when to publish ads and how to contact candidates. Contact Talent Gallery for more information/advice.

NPAworldwide buys Inter-City Personnel Associates

NPAworldwide strengthen its position as one of the world’s largest recruitment networks. Effective September 3, 2019, NPAworldwide and Inter-City Personnel Associates (IPA) will be merged into a single network called NPAworldwide.

Recruiting in Norway for start-up in January?

Does your company plan to hire new people in Norway for starting up in the fall? Then it is just about time to start the recruiting process! An experienced employee has 3 months notice period and will not be available before October 1st! Unemployment rate in Norway is the lowest since 2014

A changing market place

The market place is rapidly changing. New consumer habits evolve along with the development of technology. This needs to be addressed for business owners, marketing people – and recruiters.
Almost 2/3 of the world’s population now has a mobile phone…

NPAworldwide expanding into Scandinavia

Are you running a small recruitment company today? NPAworldwide are now expanding into Northern Europe and Scandinavia. You can apply for membership now.

The future of Talent Gallery

The future of Talent Gallery and NPAworldwide are gathered together this week in Norway. Sharing best practices and discussing common strategies.
Any need for recruitment in Norway or Be-Ne-Lux – contact them now

Hiring people this fall – start now!

Are you recruiting new people this fall? Have a headhunter working for you while you are holidaying – with 3 months notice period the start date could be December with traditional recruiting. Try headhunting. Talent Gallery Search+Selection and NPAworldwide offer global search and selection services.

The role of Employee benefits 2017

As the competition for talent heats up, so does the race for superior compensation and benefits. A poor presentation could cost your business new talents.

Job Ads on Instagram

Building a brand on social media is an important part of the recruitment strategy of the world’s leading company. Here are tips on using Instagram.

Global Recruiting: Europe leads the way on Employee Retention

A recent article by Kathy Gurschiek in HR Magazine highlights the countries best equipped to support an employer interested in attracting, developing and retaining workers… employee retention.  The source of the ranking is a study done by the IMD World Competitiveness Center.  The study is titled IMD World Talent Report and the center is a […]

If the World were a village…

The world’s population has now reached 7,5 billions people. Back in 2006, when the last previous research was conducted, only 1 out of 100 people had a university degree. Today the number has increased to 7.   If the World were 100 PEOPLE: 50 would be female 50 would be male 25 would be children […]

Climate change in the job market

  The climate is changing, but we are not talking about global warming. Our global business climate is going through a significant transformation as we are experiencing the beginning of a talent crisis. To prepare for the coming job market conditions, employers can plan responsive strategies to attract and keep the best employees.  Quality shortage The […]

Tips from a Headhunter

  There is nothing more important for a manager’s personal success than hiring top employees. In a time of increasing unemployment it is a paradox that it will become even more difficult to attract the best. People become more security seekers than normally. How do businesses recruit? Trond Larsen, Talent Gallery, has worked with headhunting […]

How to Identify the Ideal Candidate

  There is nothing more important for a manager’s personal success than hiring top employees. In a time of increasing unemployment it is a paradox that it will become even more difficult to attract the best. Moreover, how do you really identify the best? In a market where demand exceeds supply, it is unlikely to […]

6 Questions to Remember when Choosing an International Recruiter

    Many employers do not like working with recruiting companies. In markets the employers know well and have social connections, it may be possible to avoid independent recruiters or at least reduce the dependence on outside agents. However, when the needs of companies expand beyond the local market and into countries where there is […]

Millions of Baby Boomers will be retiring

Currently, there are five generations in the work force. A selected few Traditionals are still hanging in there, while Generation Z are just being introduced to routines and coffee breaks. A few years down the line, Baby Boomers will retire, leaving the job market with a shortage of qualified candidates and higher hiring costs. Alarming […]

Sales and Marketing positions

Talent Gallery have recruited for sales and marketing positions in Norway and abroad the last 20 years. This presentation shows how we work.

Want to join a global recruitment network?

Are you running a small or medium sized recruitment company? Alone without any local or global peers?  Do you have clients with hiring needs outside your own area?  Then NPAworldwide could be right for you. NPAworldwide was founded in 1956 in US as an alternative to franchise organizations.  NPAworldwide is a members owned network with […]

Many Applications?

Many Nordic companies experiencing a record number of job seekers per day. Talent Gallery also offers selection services and internal training in recruitment. Media reports weekly on businesses drowning in applications . Hundreds of hopeful candidates who are entitled to a proper treatment . After all these in the next turn be potential customers of your business… […]

Global Mergers and Acquisitions

Is your company looking for potential acquisition candidates? Internationally executive search company to such assignments . Talent Gallery also offers this service. Many companies want to strengthen market share through acquisitions in Norway and internationally. Talent Gallery and our NPAworldwide network , with more than 500 search firm globally, also offer such services. The procedure […]

Talent Gallery grows

Talent Gallery expands and strengthens the offer of counseling since the areas of business and headhunting . Tom Augestad has extensive experience from management positions in business and has also worked as a management consultant for 12 years. Tom will especially work on projects in the energy sector in Norway . This sector is facing […]

Recruiting trends to watch

Qualigence International has released its 2016 Recruiting Trends white paper, says Veronica Scrimshaw, Director of Corporate Communication in NPAworldwide. The report offers a comprehensive look into some of the changes recruiters can expect to see throughout the year, including cross-industry hires, diversity, college graduates, benefits, talent pipeline, and big data. The white paper is a […]

Headhunting is back

We are in the midst of a severe talent short market. Some predict it will last for years into the future. Even during the recent recession, the employment rate for those with four-year degrees and those with advanced degrees was not remarkably high. Headhunting is back! Today, some career segments, like IT, are at near […]

Are your Job Descriptions Search Friendly?

Are your job descriptions search friendly? Can candidates easily find your jobs when you are hiring? Talent Gallery and NPAworldwide present some ideas to improve jour ads – and some good tools.

Global Recruiting

Attracting global talent requires a new perspective. Employers must think about their marketplace for talent internationally rather than just locally. Based on the studies and reports from those that survey employers, many are experiencing difficulties finding qualified candidates for job openings. In fact 80% of employers reported difficulties filling openings in CareerBuilder’s Skills Gap Report. […]

Using Benefits to Recruit Top Talent

Recruiting top talent is becoming more difficult. One recruitment tool being leveraged to recruit top talent is benefits. A March 2015 SHRM survey reports that employers are tuned into benefits as a recruitment tool. More frequently employers are using their benefits packages as the reason for someone to change jobs.

Executive Outplacement

In turbulent times, it may be necessary to change crew. Talent Gallery offers outplacement services for managers through TG Executive Outplacement. With more than 20 years experience in HR services company has tailored a program to support organizations in change processes.

Global Recruiting Solutions

Are you looking for employees outside Norway? In that case it might be useful to know that Talent Gallery represents a network of executive search companies worldwide. Nearly 500 search companies can assist in the search for key employees.

New Talent Gallery partner

Talent Gallery welcomes Victoria Aase as our new partner. Victoria will be responsible for developing our coaching services targeting sales organisations.

New service: Sales Coaching

Talent Gallery expands its services and now offers coaching for sales people and management. The concept is English and based upon group sessions as well as individual support. The concept is founded on the same methods used in elite sports, performance management and personal development.

20 years in Headhunting

Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group has worked for 20 years with headhunting. A market undergoing rapid change, says the company’s chairman and founder, Trond Larsen.

Global Network for Talent Gallery

Talent Gallery, with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway have from 1 November joined the Executive Search network NPAworldwide.

Contingency Search – No Cure No Pay

Some client companies are hesitant to prepaid recruitment jobs. Partly because they have not worked with headhunters in the past, partly because they have had bad experience with some providers.

Changing job the coming year?

Thinking about changing jobs in the coming year? Then maybe this presentation give you some tips on what you can do to be best prepared.

Flexible recruiting processes

Is your company looking for a flexible partner in recruitment? As a consequence of requests from our customers Talent Gallery has launched the new service TG Help! A menu card where your business can choose the scope of the work we should do for your company.

Theatrical office space

Grenland Friteater and Teater Ibsen perform these days the cast “PS14” along the river between Porsgrunn and Skien. The start takes place just outside Talent Gallery’s offices.

New Talent Gallery web

Welcome to our new website! Talent Gallery in a new dress code. Check all our job openings!

Why use Headhunter?

There are mainly three reasons why a company may choose external assistance in a recruiting process.

Networking in Venice

Talent Gallery has invited colleagues from around the world at a network meeting in Venice in June 2015.

The First 100 Days

The first time is critical in any job. Talent Gallery has developed its own programs for our new partners. “The first 100 days” is a targeted program for new consultants in Talent Gallery.

About Talent Gallery

Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group specialize in headhunting and coaching in Scandinavia. The company was founded in 1997 by managing partner Trond Larsen and has since start-up conducted more than 1,500 search assignments for customers in Norway and internationally. VALUES Scandinavian Search Group has built its business based on the following values: Quality Openness Knowledge […]

A la Carte Services

We have listened to our customers and now offer very flexible solutions for co-operation!

Five Generations in Work

As the Baby Boomers are retiring from active working life we ​​will experience a large gap between vacancies and potential qualified candidates.