We offer high class recruiting processes

When using Talent Gallery and our NPAworldwide partners – rest assured that we will never take short-cuts. We are running high quality processes and most important:

We never give up!

Initial process

At our initial consultation, our client briefs us fully on their company’s activities and market positioning.  In turn, we present our client with a detailed perspective of the current market place and offer guidance on the structure and salary levels operating within rival companies.

Specification and Candidate Profile

With a full understanding of our client’s needs a presentation is drawn up without revealing the client’s identity.  This defines the appointment on offer and presents it as an attractive opportunity.  From this, a profile of the ideal candidate is developed, bringing qualifications, experience and personal characteristics into focus.


Strategy Development and Research

We then devise a strategy that will identify possible candidates wherever they might be.  Drawing on industry wide contacts and publicity available information, we create a list of candidates.  Our real skill, however, lies in combining imaginative thinking with thorough research, an approach that frequently leads us to the less than obvious companies, but to individuals with precisely the right cultural and professional attributes.

Contacting Prospective Candidates

The first contact with a potential candidate requires skilful handling.  Our professional researcher makes the initial call, generating sufficient interest for the executive to accept a later call from the consultant.  This next contact is the consultant’s opportunity to impress upon even the most contented executive the value of an exploratory meeting.  Turning reluctant individuals into interested candidates is the hardest part of our task.  But our efforts are rewarded by the high calibre of individuals we bring to the next stage.

The most qualified and promising candidates are invited for an interview.  Here, measuring against agreed criteria, we fully assess their potential for success.  Experience and achievement in previous roles are examined, taking equal account of their motivation and interest in the new opportunity.

Candidate Reports

A shortlist of candidates is then presented to our client in the form of individual reports.  Along with details of their previous experience and current appointment, we evaluate the candidate’s capability and their compatibility with the client’s organisation and aims.

Assessment testing

Talent Gallery are representatives for Humanostics/ Predictive Index ® in Norway. As  a recruiting client you will be offered to test out these world class assessments for free.  All candidates are invited to conduct  Behavioral- and Cognitive Assessments. Client and candidates receive reports.

Client Interviews

The recommended candidates are then interviewed by our client. The depth of our introductory report allows this meeting to develop beyond the exchange of basic information, into a significant dialogue between the two parties.


Once our client has made a final selection, we confirm the candidate’s interest before seeking objective references for comments on their competence, integrity and personal qualities.

Negotiation of Compensation Package

During the final negotiation, we again draw on our specific industry knowledge to recommend a fair and attractive package, which will ensure acceptance of our client’s offer.

Completion and Follow Up

Throughout the ensuing period of transition, every support is given to see the candidate into the new role.  As a matter of course, we maintain contact to ensure that both client and candidate are entirely satisfied and that adjustment is quickly and successfully achieved.

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