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Investor Vindpark Australia

Talent Gallery Search & Selection søker på vegne av kunde en investor til Vindpark(er) i New South Wales, Australia. En ny type horisontale vindmøller.

A changing market place

The market place is rapidly changing. New consumer habits evolve along with the development of technology. This needs to be addressed for business owners, marketing people – and recruiters.
Almost 2/3 of the world’s population now has a mobile phone…

NPAworldwide expanding into Scandinavia

Are you running a small recruitment company today? NPAworldwide are now expanding into Northern Europe and Scandinavia. You can apply for membership now.

The future of Talent Gallery

The future of Talent Gallery and NPAworldwide are gathered together this week in Norway. Sharing best practices and discussing common strategies.
Any need for recruitment in Norway or Be-Ne-Lux – contact them now


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