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Her vil du finne interessante innspill med globale HR tips.

Hvordan rekruttere – og beholde – dyktige medarbeidere i organisasjonen.

Gjennom det globale nettverket NPAworldwide kan Talent Gallery bistå med rekruttering i mer enn 35 land.


Rekruttering i et kandidatdrevet marked

Hvordan rekruttere dyktige medarbeidere i et marked med rekordmange ledige stillinger? Her har du noen tips.

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Når bør du bruke rekrutteringsselskap?

I dagens arbeidsmarked er det ikke uvanlig å høre om kandidatdrevet rekruttering, noe som betyr at arbeidssøkere har større makt og valgmuligheter enn noensinne.

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International recruiting challenges

By leveraging a global network of search companies businesses can build a diverse and talented workforce that can drive global success.

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Losing candidates during recruiting process

In the last year we have seen ever increasing competition for executive talent. What was once the finish line has now been moved. The “offer” and “acceptance” were once the focus of recruiters’ and search professionals’ attention.

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5 Tips for hiring remote Workers

As the talent shortage continues, many employers hiring remote workers. As more organizations offer remote or hybrid work options, it’s no longer necessary to have a totally local workforce. Hiring remote workers requires you to rethink your “traditional” hiring process. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

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5 proven Ways to speed up your Hiring Process

Great candidates are difficult to locate these days. Top talent is receiving multiple offers from employers. Job seekers are in the drivers seat when it comes to salary, work location, vacation and benefits. Fulfilling on the hiring process is tough work. Do yourself a favor and make it a bit easier with these proven methods to improve hiring.

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9 reasons why growing businesses should use external recruitment companies

Finding the right employees is essential for any company. With the right team in place, businesses can achieve great things. However, finding the best talent can be a daunting task. There are many different ways to find employees, but one of the most effective methods is using an external recruitment company. Here are 10 reasons why companies should use external recruiters!


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How to recruit Millennials in your workforce

Whether you have figured out the magic formula to working with Gen Y in your organization, or are still trying to grasp social media (what’s Snapchat??) and understand how emojis work, as more Millennials join the workforce in the coming years, there are a few key items to consider.


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4 tips to remember when an Employee asks for a salary increase

Picture this! Your employee comes to you one day and wants a salary increase. However, you can’t provide them with a raise or you don’t consider their work efforts entitle them to one.

Has this happened and how do you handle this type of situation?

It’s a delicate matter particularly if you value this employee’s efforts in your business.

How do you approach this without risking, demotivating, and upsetting your employee by not giving them a raise?

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Re-Recruiting your top talent the right way

Company loyalty is on life support these days. Downsizing, mergers and workforce redistributions have allowed Generations X and Y to become very comfortable with the notion of frequent job changes. This new culture can be a huge obstacle to retention efforts if a comprehensive plan is not put into place.

An organization can no longer trust loyalty to keep their team intact.

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Using Benefits to recruit top talent

Recruiting top talent is becoming more difficult. One recruitment tool being leveraged to recruit top talent is benefits. A March 2015 SHRM survey reports that employers are tuned into benefits as a recruitment tool. More frequently employers are using their benefits packages as the reason for someone to change jobs.

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7 questions for finding an International recruiter

Many employers do not like working with recruitment companies. In markets that employers know well and have social media connections, perhaps it is possible to avoid independent recruiters or at a minimum reduce the dependence on outside agents.  When the needs of  companies expand beyond a local market and into countries where there is no physical presence, recruitment agencies may be the only way to achieve the results that are needed.

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