Job Ads on Instagram

There is no denying the popularity of Instagram. The statistics speak for themselves – 600 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users. Instagram usage is now outpacing both LinkedIn and Pinterest.
It is common knowledge that your company’s image is important for sales, but it is equally important in order to recruit quality employees. Learning about the potential of Instagram and putting it to work for you will bring in talented and qualified people.

The Potential of Instagram

Reaching qualified people takes the same targeted focus needed in marketing to customers. If you want to reach the creative, tech-savvy demographic, recruiting on Instagram is the answer. A Pew Research Center survey provides plenty of insight into who is using Instagram. Results showed 59% of those aged 18 to 29 and 31% of those 30 to 49 are using it. In addition, 32% are college graduates, and 35% have some college experience under their belt.

How to do Recruiting on Instagram

Finding people through Instagram won’t be difficult given the sheer volume of users. Quantity helps, but what you really want is quality. Develop an outline of who your ideal candidate is and determine which of the following methods will work best to reach them.

Method #1 – Vacancy Notifications

One method for recruiting on Instagram is to advertise your job openings visually. It is best not to constantly post about vacancies, however. Make sure your image depicts the opportunity without getting too involved. Let viewers know how to get more information and apply. This method shouldn’t come into play until after you’ve used enough posts to establish your company as a great one to work for.

Method #2 – Personalized Invitation

If you have someone you already know and want to offer a position to, post the offer. It’s a lot of fun and shows followers your ingenuity. You can also use relevant hashtags for seeking out potential candidates.

Method #3 – Share with Customers

Many of your followers started because they shop with you. Include images that depict how your employees enjoy their job and they’ll soon be interested in working for you, too. Include a system for responding to their interest and you’ll have some very delighted applicants.

Putting it All Together

Each post on Instagram should get the same careful attention you give all marketing. Each post should relate to your brand and share about the positive work environment and other appealing attributes you have to offer. Behind the scenes pictures are often ideal for enticing viewers by getting them to envision themselves working for you.
The posts do not need to be top-end quality, but they shouldn’t be a poor reflection on your company, either. A natural rather than staged post is more effective, as a “sneak peek” is more enticing. Don’t overlook your employees as a source for content, as they’re often proud to share.
Recruiting on Instagram is as useful for filling a key position as it is for staffing a new location or department. The positive vibe you portray on Instagram is a powerful recruitment tool for reaching a large audience and the best candidates.

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