Surviving in an Economic Downturn

We know you care deeply about building a lasting company. But with COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn, uncertainty is the new normal for everyone. You’re navigating uncharted waters, battered by turbulence, and propelled forward by an urgent, deep-seated need to lead your company to safety—so it will endure.

Additionally, seeing your employees succeed is important to you. You have a duty of care; their overall well-being matters. Aside from taking health precautions, the best way to take care of your people right now is to ensure your company is resilient. 

In this 6 minutes video you will have some great tips about Talent optimization. A discipline for designing and executing a talent strategy that’s aligned with your business strategy. It utilises quantitative “people data” and analytics to help you predict outcomes and make informed decisions. While it’s hard to manage panic and the impulse to make knee-jerk decisions, objectivity will be your saving grace.

Try a free Behavioral Assessment now. Takes you 6 minutes to perform and we will give you a written feedback and optional 15 minutes discussion for free as well. Send an e-mail to or call managing partner Trond Larsen in Talent Gallery – mobile +47 9130 2220