SIGA is a leading company in the development, production and distribution of products for air and windproof building shells.

SIGA sealed buildings are characterized by low heating and ventilation costs as well as a higher standard of comfort without draft and protection from mold. long-term business policy and its own corporate culture.

SIGA develops and manufactures its products in two locations in the canton of Lucerne (Central Switzerland). The company’s core competencies are research and development, production, sales and training. 34 patents have been registered in the last 10 years. All processes in production, administration and sales are organized according to the Toyota production system and are updated and trained every 14 days. America is secured through more than 200 sales consultants.

Since the start, SIGA has emerged as a very successful and well-known company among builders, craftsmen, designers, architects and engineers. The number of employees has increased from 15 employees to over 375 employees over the past few years. SIGA is investing heavily in the Nordic market and wants to strengthen its sales organization.