Lattice International

Lattice Technology is a Korean-Norwegian technology company established in 2012 by Prof. D. Chang of KAIST (“MIT” of Korea) and Prof. P. Bergan of Norway, professor emeritus at NTNU and former head of R&D at DNV. Today LATTICE Technology has clients across the globe and a European company hub, LATTICE International, has recently been established at Billingstad in Asker, Norway.

The Lattice Pressure Vessel (LPV) is the world’s first and only prismatic and fully scalable pressure vessel suited for storage and transport of pressurized and cooled gases, such as LNG, LPG, ammonia, liquid CO2, and liquid hydrogen. This new technology opens for extremely important applications enabling the green transition and use of more environmentally friendly energy sources. Applications span very wide with new gas storage solutions for development of energy infrastructures and use on land, at sea and in the air. This concerns large scale storage of liquified gas at on-land and floating terminals, containerized storage, land-based gas distribution systems, large scale transport of liquid gas at sea, fuel tanks for small and large vehicles, trains and many types of ships.

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