Contingency Search – No Cure No Pay

Some client companies are hesitant to prepaid recruitment jobs. Partly because they have not worked with headhunters in the past, partly because they have had bad experience with some providers. Talent Gallery offers No Cure No Pay search as part of our services.

For you as a customer you should know that we work No Cure No Pay search projects at the same conscientious manner as retained search assigments. The difference is that our clients will pay more for a Contingency search than so-called Retained Search.

21 Point Search Process 2014

  1. Need Analysis

  2. Confirmed Need Analysis 

  3. Advertisement Web 

  4. Research Databases 

  5. Research Market/Network 

  6. Prepare Search Campaign

  7. Contact Candidates

  8. Qualify Candidates

  9. Interview Candidates

  10. Prioritze Candidates

  11. Brief Candidates/Client Pre-Interview

  12. Client Interview

  13. Debrief Candidates/Clients

  14. Profile Test Candidates (opt)

  15. Reference Check

  16. Assist Salary Negotiations

  17. Assist Termination

  18. Follow-Up Notice Period

  19. Foillow-Up 1 Month

  20. Follow-Up 3 Month

  21. Follow-Up 6 months

Anyway, we will follow the same 21 step recruitment process as we normally conduct. More precisely:

Need Analysis

  • What is it going to take to fill this position?
  • What are the soft skills of the candidate to excel?
  • What are the special challenges of the role?
  • What is the candidate expected to achieve over the next 12-18 months?

We begin with the end in mind. We have deep industry knowledge and tools to understand your business requirements for the position, and the corporate culture and management style where the new employee will have. We understand your competitors: We will identify the unique strengths, challenges and opportunities that characterize the company in their quest for the right person.


  • Identify target audience and quantify the best candidates in the market.
  • Which company should we view ourselves for?
  • Which job level?

The fact is that there is a limited supply of candidates. We will present the best available talent to the organization; candidates will be fully informed and prepared for the interview.

Presentation of candidates

We interview candidates who can be matching to the company’s specifications. We ask the tough questions that will give you real insight into whether this candidate is a match for your organization
The interview can be subjective and open to interpretation. Therefore, we also provide thorough screening of the final candidates with detailed comments to our customers so that they can have a deeper understanding of the candidates’ personalities and in what environment they will do the best job. “If a person is not performing as expected, it is probably because they have been mismatch for the job.”


We work closely with our customers to select the best candidate for the role and ensure a smooth transition. Good candidates are often lost in 12 hours. We understand what it means to keep the candidates and have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that he or she accepts the offer and makes a good start to your career in your company.

The first 100 days

Once the candidate is selected, we will follow them up during the notice period and the first 6 months. We also offer a special introductory program – “The first 100 days” – where we can tailor a program for onboarding of the new employee.

For more information about Talent Gallery’s Contingency Search (No Cure No Pay search) – contact Managing Partner Trond Larsen – phone +47 9130 2220.