20 years in Headhunting

Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group has 20 years experience in headhunting. A market undergoing rapid change, says the company’s chairman and founder, Trond Larsen.

In 1995, when Scandinavian Search Group’s owner started in this industry, it was mainly advertised recruitment. Aftenposten and local media was overflowing with Job advertisements and applications were submitted in writing – by mail. Not infrequently, there were more than 100 applicants for a position, says Trond Larsen.

Today, 20 years later, there are fewer applicants. And the people you would rather have in your organization are rarely applying – they must headhunted.

Two new generations have also come into the workplace. Generation X – born between 1965 and 1981, Generation Y – born between 1982 and 1994. These generations have completely different requirements for both recruitment company and its customers in the recruiting process.

Generation X

Characterized by a strong desire to balance work/leisure. Appears as confident and pragmatic. Are impatient, often selfish and quite cynical. In recruitment processes we experience more often than before that candidates have multiple processes simultaneously, often without telling, and can happily jump out of an agreement both before they start a job or in the probation period.

Generation Y

Multitasking generation. Technology freaks who want to have fun at work. Their attention horizon is short and they have little respect for authority/managers. They could be described as technology-dependent …

As if this is not enough the millennium generation is now also reaching the job market. Persons born from 1995 …

Generation Z (The Millennium Gen)

Have strong opinions, major social networks and are impatient. Want immediate results. Unfortunately, many in this generation also show little interest in studies and career and are consistently poor listeners.

Nevertheless – it is a fact that these three generations will be the platform of the workforce in the future. For clients hiring it is important to be prepared – and make sure that their horizon in a position is longer than two years or less …

Talent Gallery

Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group is a member of a global network of more than 450 executive search company in all corners of the world. NPAworldwide.

– We joined NPAworldwide for two reasons, says Trond Larsen:

  1. Assisting Nordic companies in recruiting other countries / continents
  2. Help candidates to find career opportunities in other countries / continents

In 2015, Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group plan several exciting activities. Among other things:

  • Launching new services
  • Arranging a global network meeting in Venice
  • Develop a new, Nordic network

Want to know more about us – contact Trond Larsen on telephone 9130 2220. Or send an e-mail to us.