Abu Dhabi Power Plant

NPAworldwide and Talent Gallery are hiring on behalf of a Abu Dhabi Power Plant client.

Abu Dhabi has a growing population and a rising standard of living. As a result of these factors and Government policy to encourage agriculture, the demand for power and water in the Emirate has been growing robustly in recent years and is forecast to maintain this upward trend for the foreseeable future. Additionally there are existing power generation and water desalination assets in the Emirate that are nearing the end of their productive lives, and will be retired in the next few years. These factors combined mean that there is significant new construction activity required if the level of supply is to keep pace with the growing demand of the population and industry. Our client operates a Project which is an important part of the planned installation of combined power and water assets that the Government has formulated to meet this demand. Power demand in the Emirate is seasonal, with a marked increase in demand in the summer months. Demand for water is much more constant.
This is an Independent Water and Power Project (“Project”) is located north east of Abu Dhabi city. The Project, signed-of in 2005, was the fifth and the largest IWPP developed in Abu Dhabi under the Government of Abu Dhabi’s highly successful programme for the privatisation of the water and power sector.